Agricultural Vehicles on the Road

Michael Braithwaite (1946 - 2010) retired from the Humberside Police in August 1996 as a Traffic Sergeant, but having spent 25 years previously studying and lecturing on all aspects of Traffic Legislation, he was retained by the Police Force as their Traffic Law Adviser and Trainer.

From 1984 he specialised in the law relating to the use of Agricultural Vehicles on the Road and lectured to various authorities country wide including the Department of Transport, Police Forces, Vehicle manufacturers, including Massey Ferguson and JCB, as well as numerous farming organisations.

The book Agricultural Vehicles on the Road is intended as a practical guide for dealing with complexities involved with Agricultural vehicles, implements and their loads etc, and is an attempt to help people understand the law relating to the use of such vehicles.

Mike Sumner took over the book from Michael Braithwaite’s widow Ann Braithwaite in September 2010 and will continue to uphold Mike Braithwaite’s good work.

The loose leaf book costs £50 (including packaging and posting).

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